1. Install Extension available on Google Chrome Store

Support: Any Chromium-based Web Browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Blisk, Colibri, etc. ). Mobile Browsers are not currenlty supported

Known Issues: After installing the Extension, please navigate to supported website ( Playground ) and reload your current tab.

2. Open Daphne Dashboard clicking on Extension Icon.

Known Issues: In case you can't find Extension Icon, click on the puzzle-piece-like button (on the top right corner of your browser to diplay all unpinned extension icons).

Recommendation: To enable easy access, Pin the Icon by clicking on its corresponding Pin-like button. This way the extension icon will always be available in your toolbar.

3. Create an account by cliking on the link below the Sign In button

Known Issues : In case you clicked Sign Up unintentionally, just reload your tab and start again. Self-recovery credentials are not supported right now, but this feature will be available soon. In the mean time, please contact technical support for any issues.

4. Agree to the terms and conditions to use the extension.

Recommendation: To remember your credentials locally, click on Remember Me. In case you already have a Daphne Account, simply Sign In with your credentials. Any other credentials are not required. Our Credential-less approach provides you with Buil-In Security keeping your information unaccesible, even from us.


1. Visit a supported website to begin with ( e.g. Playground )

Known Issues : Extension works based on URL Site and Path Site, which may include multiple Context Sites per Path Site. To access the list of supported contexts, check the bottom part of Daphne Dashboard where contexts are shown as platform icons.

2. Define a hotkey with any capital letter ( e.g. "H" and not "h" ), number ( e.g. "1"), or symbol ( e.g. "="), and hit the "+" symbol ( blue button on the dashboard ). This will create a textbox associated to the chosen key.

3. Write a message within the textbox ( e.g. "Hello World" ). This message, or snippet, is locally saved (meaning, only accesible to you) automatically as you type. There is not a Save button nor is needed.

Extra: Change your message in the textbox to modify the associated snippet. Delete occurs on clicking delte icon wich will free hotkey for new usage.

4. Enable Extension by pressing on your the Bloq Mayus ( or Caps Lock ) key located at the left side of your keyboard.

Known Issues : In case of overlaping functionalities with other software running on your system by pressing Enabling Key, plese contact technical support.

Expected Behaviour: The message input of your platform, if supporrted, will be outlined by a Yellow Box upon activation.

5. Send Messages by clicking on your associated keys when extenstion is enabled ( as defined when creating your snippets ) or just Pre-Send if you keep Auto-Send option switch off.

Optional: Switch On / Off the auto-send button according to your preferences. It will switch from gray to purple on auto-send activation. You can try both sending modes within Playground until you feel confortable using

Scenario: Hello World

1. Create an Snippet using H with a Hello World Message. Sidebar doesn't need to be kept open to work.

2. Create a Whatsapp Link visiting Whatsapp Official Link Builder, for free, using your own Phone Number.

Known Issues: The output of generating a Whatsapp Link must be in the format[number] where the [number] is a Full Phone Number in International Format. Omit any zeroes, brackets, or dashes when adding the phone number in international format, meaning that you should use 1XXXXXXXXXX instead of +001-(XXX)XXXXXXX, otherwise won't work

3. Open WhatsApp Chat by clicking on your brand new whatsapp link ( or use copy & paste on your Browser Search Bar, if you prefer) to visit Whatsap Web on Desktop, until you can chat with yourself.

Known Issues: If this is your first time using Whatsapp Web on Desktop, you must follow the initial configuration to be link to your WhatsApp Mobile App. This is a process totally independent from us.

4. Enable Extension using "Caps Lock" to switch "Not a Chatbot" On or Off

Expected Behaviour: The message input of your WhatsApp Chat will be outlined by a Yellow Box upon activation.

5. Send Messege to yourself, once extension is On, pressing "H".

Expected Behaviour: The message "Hello World", that you assigned to the capital letter "H", will be automatically sent to your WhatsApp Chat. Don't forget to say you back "Hello World" to yourself. That's what a humans would do.

Extra: Try to say "Hello World" to your fellow humans in any social media chat supported.

Scenario: Call-To-Action

1. Define a "Hello" message as greetings to open a conversation ( e.g. What's up? How are your these days? )

2. Define an "Anchor" message as general reply according to the most likely answer expected, anchored to a call-to-action (e.g. Awesome! May I ask you a quick favor? )

3. Define a "Convertion" message as a call-to-action waiting for approval first ( e.g. Could you please share my most recent post? )

4. Define an "Key" message which includes a link to a webpage according to the call-to-action requested. Don't forget say thank you (e.g. I owe you one! You know what to do then... this is the link [link] )

! Recommendation: Use mnemonics to help you remembering what key is associated to what messages. In the example above, keys have been carefully chosen. Even further, we could refer to this simple structure as a "H-A-C-K" structure but you could have used "1-2-3-4" (or whatever random keys you prefer to use)

5. Choose some contacts on any supported platform where you have, well, contacts ( e.g. Messenger, Whatsapp, LinkedIn ) and send "H" and wait for a response, then "A" if they reply to previous message, then "C", and so on.

! Expected Behavior: Most likely, not all your contacts will reply to all of your messages. This is an opportunity to recall the concept of marketing funnel for which you can estimate (or precicely compute ) the conversion ratio of a given sequence ( e.g. how many "A"s sent per "H"s, as a measure of effiency ) meaning how many replies you get per messeges sent in an defined interval of time. A low conversion in a particular step, is an opportunity of asking weather a particular messages does not works as expected, so it can be changed to try again.

? Further Issues: Ask for help to our human technical support.